Angel Shine Dance Challenge

Courage, creativity & shine!

Dance is a universal language. It transcends location, dialect, and status, freeing artists to share their emotions as an expression of self and uniting them with their audiences in a shared appreciation of movement. Angel Shine Dance Challenges help to bring our global network together, providing young dancers with a platform to display their talents. The reward? Visibility, accolade, admiration…and of course, scholarships for dance education and expenses!

Congratulations to Maya Schonbrun, a winner of our "What Moves You?" Scholarship Award!!

Maya will receive $1,000 USD toward her dance education and related expenses. We can`t wait to see her shine as a member of the Angel Shine family!

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So…What’s a Dance Challenge?

An Angel Shine Dance Challenge is a fun way for dancers to share their creativity with our social media audience and the world. We post several themed challenges throughout the year on our Instagram page, inviting artists to choreograph and submit a dance video that explores that particular challenge’s theme.

Our board selects the top 3 entries and honorable mentions. We then post three finalist videos on Instagram and let the public select a winner! Every dancer under 18 years old is encouraged to submit a themed video to share their love of dance with our community!


The themes for Angel Shine Challenges reflect the best aspects of dance: imagination, partnership, and expressive movement. The themes may vary but the one constant is our request that each submission shares your joy for dance.

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All dancers under the age of 18 are encouraged to participate. Participants should select music and dance genre based on personal style and preference. To inspire imagination, we encourage all choreography and dance to be original.

Share your gifts with a global dance community, and encourage others to join!


Email all entries by the posted deadline. Video length must be one minute or less. Please include the names and schools (if applicable) of the participants. Previous challenge winners and Angel Scholars are eligible to apply.

Questions? Please email us or message us on Instagram.

Past Challenge

Let Your Partner Shine

Let Your Partner Shine

Thank you to all of the amazing dancers who submitted videos for our Let Your Partner Shine dance challenge. The Angel Shine Foundation Board was incredibly impressed by the caliber of submissions we received. Scholarship winners were recognized for embodying the true spirit of partnership, where both dancers helped one another shine!


After tallying up more than 1,000 public votes, we’re excited to announce the scholarship winners of the “Let Your Partner Shine” Dance Challenge. Congratulations to: 1st Scholarship winners Sophie DeGraff & Payton Beckmann from WestMet Classical Training in Minnesota, USA, who each received a $2,500 scholarship. 2nd Scholarship winners Emanuele Faifer & Amaury Zanette from Ballettschule Theater Basel in Basel, Switzerland, who each received a $1,500 scholarship. And, 3rd Scholarship winners Zlata Datsyshyn & Anna Chesnova from Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy in Vienna, Austria, both winners of a $500 scholarship.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mentions for our spring challenge included: Eric Poor & Berkleigh Hernandez, from Citydance School and Conservatory in Maryland, USA , Alecsia Lazarescu & Fabrizzo Ulloa, from Ballettschule Theater Basel in Basel, Switzerland, and Chloe Lizama & Asahi Hagihara from Ballet Academy East in New York, USA. Each couple receives a $500 scholarship!

Special thanks to a generous anonymous donor for underwriting the Let Your Partner Shine Challenge scholarships. Be sure to keep an eye out for future dance challenges from Angel Shine!

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