Gabriela Schiefer, 17 year-old dancer at The School of American Ballet (SAB)

Photo credit: Rosalie O’Connor

Gabriela’s grace and depth of soul epitomize the beauty and joy of dance. As Gabriela continues to inspire all those who watch her dance, we are pleased that our Foundation has this opportunity to help her shine even brighter! More than 850 students will participate in SAB’s comprehensive ballet education and over $2 million will be allocated in scholarships to support those students who would not otherwise have such an opportunity. SAB provides students with support services and programs that ensure health and wellness and encourages a lifelong appreciation for the arts. At SAB, they are not only educating talented dancers, they’re creating world-class artists.

Milo Aveque, 15 year-old dancer at The Paris Opera Ballet School

Photo credit: Francette Levieux

Milo, an extraordinary talent has been selected to travel to San Francisco Ballet for the summer intensive program. His dancing style is very elegant and serene. Raised by a single parent, we are pleased to award a scholarship to support his dream that allows him the opportunity to travel to America for the first time in his life. We hope it will broaden his perspective and enrich his dancing!

For more than 300 years, the artistic education at the Opera favored direct transmission from master to student (ages 8-17) guarantying the French School of Ballet and ensuring the sustainability of the Paris Opera Ballet. The School has been strengthened through joint educational projects between the artistic and intellectual training. At the end of the curriculum, the students leave the School with the Higher professional Diploma for Dancers and the baccalaureate in literature.

Sophia and Tristan Massa, 11 and 10 year-old dancers at Ballet Academy East (BAE)

Photo credit: Rosalie O’Connor

Sophia is a pure vessel for dance and that makes her so endearing. Tristan lights up on stage. He is shining and smiling, captivating the entire audience with his joy of dance. They live in New Jersey and are so committed that they take a train, bus and walk 6 days a week to train at BAE – a 2 hr commute each way! We are thrilled to support their dream and encourage them to keep dancing with love! Since 1979, BAE has been a vibrant center for dance on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Julia Dubno, the founder and director of BAE was selected by Christine Fokine to run the Fokine Ballet School. The Pre- Professional faculty is made up of gifted teachers who are devoted to raising the next generation of professional dancers.

Audrey Lipson, 15 year-old dancer at ABT’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School (JKO)

Photo credit: Matthew Murphy

Audrey is a beautiful and peaceful dancer who executes her dance steps with precise technique. We are pleased to underwrite the cost of Audrey’s tuition to help her get one step closer to her dream! ABT serves 300 students and encompasses a Pre-professional division for dancers ages 12-18 and a children’s division for dancers ages 3-12. Classes include classical ballet technique, pointe, partnering, men’s class, character, modern technique, variations and Pilates. Students participate in the ABT JKO School Wellness Lecture Series, designed to educate students and their parents on subjects facing aspiring professional dancers.

Bin Bin, 13 year-old dancer at Dancing Into the Future (DIF) – Shanghai, China and National Dance Institute (NDI) – New York, USA

Photo credit: Allyson Tang

Bin Bin, a vibrant young dancer and son of a migrant farmer who exudes discipline and determination. We are pleased to sponsor his travel program from Shanghai to NDI Harlem, New York and Vail, Colorado to further his dance education and enrich his life experience. Bin Bin has been accepted to a professional dance school in China and is on his way to realizing his dream!

Jacques d’ Amboise’s NDI is celebrating 40 years of delivering its awardwinning dance and music programs around the world. By creating accessible and meaningful arts opportunities in which students from all walks of life can participate in an all-inclusive community where each child is valued, celebrated, and empowered to achieve more than he or she ever dreamed possible. Since it’s founding, NDI has impacted the lives of over 2 million children…free of charge.

Flor M., 13 year-old dancer at National Dance Institute (NDI) Harlem, New York

Photo credit: Allyson Tang

Flor is an electrifying dancer, her smile lights up the stage. She is made to perform. Flor brings with her joy as well as intelligence and humor. She will grace any project she is engaged with. Flor is now at Dance Theater of Harlem’s Summer Intensive on full scholarship. Congratulations to Flor, we are happy to support your dream!

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